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Running Late / Well, Well, Well

I laid out my gym clothes last night, in hopes of waking up early and walking the 5kms to work, for the first time ever – like a motivated bad ass. Spartan up! I will do the crazy shit it takes to succeed.

Well, when I was still awake, tossing and turning in bed at 1am, I bargained with myself “screw the 5am wake up, I’ll sleep till 6:30, drive to work, and go for a run on my break – like a motivated bad ass” Spartan up! Unleash the beast from behind the desk!

Well, my job can be demanding. No two days are the same and some days can be completely demanding and nonstop. I spent the day working my butt off, the only time I made it outside was to (barely) avoid getting a parking ticket. “No biggie, my wife is busy with meetings tonight – it’ll be no problem to take a few hours and do a beast of a workout.”

Well, I got home and was informed that my expert driving services were needed to deliver my darling wife to said meetings. Both meetings were across the bridge in Halifax. That damn bridge is a kilometre long, but it makes Halifax seem farther away than it really is. I spent the better part of my night driving and waiting in the car. Not horrible though – notable highlights include a sushi snack in the north end, and seeing a random naked dude in the south end.

When we finally got home I was toast. It really sucks to be exhausted from sitting all day. I had been awake for 15 hours and hadn’t done a single thing for myself. I spent the day being a good boss, the night being a good husband, but when it came to being good to myself – I was left mourning three missed opportunities..

Tired as I was, I decided to throw on the gym clothes that I had packed this time last night and at least leave the house. This wasn’t the ‘spartan up’, ‘unleash the beast’ moment that I had been planning for earlier in the day – but I told myself that I would at least do something. My plan was to run 1km.

Once my feet starting moving I extended the goal to 2km. At the 3km mark I was at the foot of the MacDonald Bridge…
photo 1-2

I’m used to driving, or biking over this thing. The idea of walking / jogging over was hurting me. I found myself wanting to do it…because ‘fuck it’, but part of me was scared about going too far, too late at night. I took this photo as I was stalling and being indecisive!

I decided to go for least half way across. When I reached the apex, I started down the other side. Once the mental hurdle of crossing the bridge was behind me, I felt great! I got this great idea to keep running up North St. to the playground where my outdoor calisthenics group meets.

Since I was at the playground and all… I decided to test my upper body strength before turning around and heading back. I can’t do a pull up to save my life, but why not try? What if…?.

Sorry for the dark vid – it was pretty late.

When all was said and done, it ended up being more of a walk than a jog. But! instead of packing it in after a disappointing day, I managed to put in 10kms. AROO!
photo 2

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