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My Story

I am Adam Bowes… no not that Adam Bowes (Sorry I stole the URL, mate).
I own a small house in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada.
I have a wonderful wife named Chelle.
I have a cat named Charlie Bingo and a fish named Flex Plexico.

I love fixing and rebuilding steel 10 speeds. I even came close to opening a small bicycle store last summer.
I started following pro cycling during Lance Armstrong’s comeback in 2009.
I have come along way though… learning all about European teams and smaller races.
I have recently discovered the local bicycle racing scene.

I entered a cyclocross race in November and finished with the fewest laps (bad) and the longest time (worse!).
It was a big accomplishment, but it made me realize just how far I had let myself go.
The next week Java Blend Racing, had a fitting night for people who were interested in buying their team kit.
I tried the XXXL… not even close.

I decided that night that things needed to change.
I was at my heaviest ever in November 2011.
I tipped the scales at 332lbs – it was embarassing.
I was running out of clothes to wear, I was uncomfortable all the time.
It felt impossible to turn things around.

I had a weight loss blog once before (got down to 240lbs, then I met my wife… and a few ice cream sandwiches)
I also trained hard and lost weight before my wedding – I gained it all back (and then some).

This time around, I am setting smaller, obtainable goals.
I am also committing to a sport and becoming part of the community surrounding it.
I have started this blog to put my goals out there, so everybody knows and can help keep me accountable.

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